Xbox One Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires
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Xbox One Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

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Genre: Fighting

  • 83 playable characters including the addition of Xun Yu.
  • Customisation: create your own character and for the first time ever customise your mount , army, banners and “normal” officers.
  • Battlefields: 40 thrilling battlefields with added elements such as time, weather or season and the destruction of building and structures.
  • Items: collect 498 weapons, 20 tactic types and 200 titles.
  • Game modes: Empire, conquest, free mode, edit mode and more.
  • 5 difficulty levels: from very easy to very hard.
  • New strategy elements creating a higher level of dynamic strategic battles. Players can influence the battlefield at a cost to their men; bases can be built and forts can be installed and taken down.
  • Cross save functionality – Import characters created on Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires.
  • Multiple endings based on player decisions.