Thrustmaster 2960708 MFD Cougar Pack

Thrustmaster 2960708 MFD Cougar Pack

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  • 20 buttons + 4 switches per MFD = 48 programmable controls in total!
  • Multi-position, weighted, non-slip and detachable base
  • Backlighting for buttons with adjustable intensity (via the software or manually)

Configurations by default:

  • USB
  • Cockpit Panels
  • Duo Pack
  • 2960708

Thrustmaster, inventor of the joystick and responsible for major innovations such as the HOTAS Cougar and T.16000M, is continuing to expand its product range for flight sim fans with the launch of the Multi-Function Display Cougar Pack.
The MFD Cougar is a panel of buttons and switches onto which the user can program their choice of functions for any given game. This revolutionary device therefore provides shortcuts which are far more practical and intuitive than the standard method of using a keyboard and mouse for various actions in games.

The MFD Cougar modules from Thrustmaster are replicas of those found onboard the legendary U.S. Air Force F-16 jet fighter aircraft. They are compatible with all military or civil flight simulation games supporting multi-USB.

Each of the 2 MFD modules in the pack features 20 buttons and 4 switches, for a total of 56 programmable controls! 2programmable LEDs per MFD facilitate identification, in particular during programming phases. The programming interface can even accommodate up to 8 MFD modules at the same time. Finally, each MFD module features an internal memory, which saves all of your settings and preferences… even when used on a different computer.