Taiko Drum for Nintendo Switch TNS-1867 + 1 Week Warranty
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Taiko Drum for Nintendo Switch TNS-1867 + 1 Week Warranty

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  • USB2.0 cable connection to the Switch mode.


  • Taiko cand the control button are separated independently, which can be effectively prevented the phenomenon from accidentally pressing the control buttons


  • It's internal uses the high-speed SCM control electricity with a super-sensitive response speed and excellent using movement.


  • Low standby power consumption, safety and environment protection, beautiful product appearance.


  • Support for the online upgrade software system.

Product description


Much More joyful Game Experience- Beat the drum along with the rhythms and patterns presented on the screen and hone your drumming skills with the miniature Taiko Controller.

One set of exclusive sticks provides you an outstanding operation experience. Let's hit the drum and everyone will get excited.

The package includes 1 Taiko Drum, 1 Dedicated Stand, 2 Drum Sticks, 2 Date Line and Taiko Controller. Software and Nintendo Switch are not included.

Since the operation buttons are linked to the drum, operations during the game are also possible.

By placing a plastic bottle in the stand, the weight increases and the sense of stability rises.




The drum using digital circuits, adopt advanced technology CPU design.

The drum connect console controller, providing you much faster and more convenient gaming experience.

The drum supporting frames design and built-in link s slot

Video Game for Taiko with drum and drumstick simulation design, provide prime feeling experience.

The game accessory with a drum frame,anti-skid device.

Working Voltage: DC5V(controller slot voltage).




Advanced CPU processing technology, built-in chip control technology

Imitate the magnetic drum sound function design, new real audio-visual effects

Special hit effects; Wonderful drum frame; Advanced turn resistance difference design, Stable stand design suitable for games, music, and sports

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*1 Week Warranty