PS4 In-Ear Stereo Headset + 1 Week Warranty
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PS4 In-Ear Stereo Headset + 1 Week Warranty

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Hear only what matters...

Audio Shield technology:

Listen with ease using active, noise-reducing Audio Shield technology that delivers immersive audio while blocking out unwanted background noise. Noise-reduction features are powered by a fifteen-hour rechargeable battery, meaning you can game for longer without interruptions.

Stay in touch...

In-built microphone:

Catch up with your friends on PS4 and share fantastic multiplayer experiences, boast about your latest trophies or discuss great tips and tricks with an in-built microphone. Manage conversation with ease using a handy on-board mute switch, call button and +/- volume buttons.

The in-ear stereo headset plugs directly into your DUALSHOCK 4, meaning all these controls are just a touch away.

On the go...

Lightweight & Portable:

Enjoy uninterrupted sound while you’re on the move with a flexible woven cable, stylish carry pouch and sleek design. The in-ear stereo headset is compatible with PS Vita and most smartphones and tablets. 

Also compatible with PS Vita, smartphones and tablets.




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*100% Authentic
*Export Set. 1 Week Warranty