Funko POP! Movies - Ready Player One, Aech, Vinyl Figure, 498

Funko POP! Movies - Ready Player One, Aech, Vinyl Figure, 498

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Indulging in Your Inner Avatar

Ready Player One introduced the world to the virtual reality world, The Oasis, first in Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel and now in the 2018 movie! The Oasis is the place to indulge in your own fantasy. You get to become the alter ego that you’ve always wanted to be, whether that means becoming your favorite video game character, a pretty boy cyber-punk or perhaps a muscle-bound cyborg! You never just who’s behind an avatar. Why, Aech, from the big, beefy warrior who fixes up cars from Ready Player One could even be a girl!

Well, now you can get Helen Harris’ avatar from the movie when you get this Funko figure. It’s just one of our many collectibles based on Ready Player One!

Fun Details

This Pop! Ready Player One Aech vinyl figure combines the intimidating character’s look from the movie with the iconic Pop! vinyl style. He comes complete with a mechanical looking body and a cyborg's foot. He’s posed in a ready-to-battle stance and he’s going to look great in your Ready Player One collection!

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