PocketGear Include 20 Licensed Sega Games
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PocketGear Include 20 Licensed Sega Games

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Food: 3 AAA batteries 
5V adapter (not included)

audio headphone jack 
socket for TV connection (not tested) 
external 5V DC power supply (not included)
Games included:

Bomber raid (screen making the game very tricky) 
ECCO II Tides of times 
Sonic Drift 2 
Sonic Triple Trouble 
Super Columns 
Alex Kidd in High Tech World 
Alex Kidd in miracle world 
Altered beast 
Assault City 
Astro warrior 
Aztec adventure 
Global defense 
Fantasy zone 
Fantasy zone The Maze 
Kung Fu Kid 
Penguin Land 
The Ninja 
Snail Maze
Screen quality: backlit 
1 pixel on two is dark: c
Sound quality: quite good 
Volume control by buttons (sensitivity too big)
Buttons: the directional cross crashes a few times, but this is quite negligible 
Reset and start are side by side, switch hard to operate if you have no nails 
together handy.
Choice of games: many small games 
adapted to short games (about 10 minutes). 
regret not to have: 
bubble bobble 
Dragon Crystal