Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker 2
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Nintendo Switch Super Mario Maker 2

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  • Lots (and Lots!) of Courses - In Course World, you can find a nearly limitless number of courses created by other players that you can play right away or save locally to play offline later

    • Endless Fun - While in Course World, be sure to try out the Endless Challenge, where you run a gauntlet of created courses

    • Share your Creations - Upload your favorite courses for other players to try out. You can even add tags and descriptions to your courses so people can find them easily and appreciate what you’ve made

    • Create in the style of Super Mario 3D World! - This game style is quite a bit different from the others—there are things you can do here that you can’t do in any other style!

    • Select A Style - You can choose from some of your favorite Super Mario styles!

    • Give it a Theme - Whether you like to run through Castles or sneak through spooky Ghosts Houses, there are plenty of classic themes to choose from, along with some new ones: Desert, Snow, Forest, and Sky

    • Break the Rules - You can customize almost everything in your courses—you can even change the goal! Instead of just reaching the Goal Pole to finish, you can set an additional objective that players have to complete, like collecting 50 Coins or defeating all the Dry Bones

    • Partner Up - Pass a Joy-Con controller to your pal and work side-by-side to create a course on a single screen

    • Story Mode - Play through over 100 original courses and gather Coins to help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle

    • Play your Own levels - Create the wildest course you can imagine, then test it out yourself right from the Make menu

    • Coursebot - Our robotic friend, Coursebot, is back to keep all your created courses in a safe place for easy access. You can also save your favorite courses from Course World* here to play on the go!

    • Enjoy Online Multiplayer - Play online multiplayer with people from all over the world!



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