Nintendo Switch Charging Station PG-SW071
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Nintendo Switch Charging Station PG-SW071

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1. This product is a charging cradle used with the original N-S Dock base
2. This product has 4 charging slots ABCD, which supports charging 1 to 4 handles at the same time
3. Equipped with USB2.0 male plug interface, supporting for N-S Dock original base
4. Extended USB2.0 female socket, support DC5V power output, support communication function
5. Equipped with LED charging indicator, real-time display of the charging status of the handle
6. This product comes with a game card storage slot, which is convenient for storing game cards.


Model: PG-SW071
Color: Red + Black
Material: ABS
Charging time: about 3 hours
Number of charging slots: 4
Number of game card slots: 9
Product size: 224*66*24mm

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*1 Week Warranty