Nintendo DS Activity Meter

Nintendo DS Activity Meter

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The activity meter is so small that it can be easily carried in purse or pocket. This way he can measure the activity of the user all day. It is possible to set a daily walking goal. This starts with a default of 3,000 steps. This setting can be changed to reflect the level of the user.

Properties of the Nintendo activity meter:
- The data from up to seven days are collected and stored
- With a single push of a button, the data and infrared signals will be sent to the Nintendo DS
- It is possible to transfer and store data from up to four users
- Family members and friends can compare their level
- You can even take on the dog!
- The activity meter is compatible with the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi (XL) and 3DS (XL)- System and software are not included
- The activity meter can be used in conjunction with the game Walk with Me