Disc Storage Holder

Disc Storage Holder

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This is the ultimate gaming peripherals for PS/XBOX series. 
It is universal, can hold almost every games disc/DVD/CD/Blue-Ray discs etc. 
Easy assembling, and space saving. 
Can be used in 3 different modes and multiple angles. 
This storage holder will indicate what is inside and cannot be hidden. 

Material: ABS 
Expanded size: approx. 237*200*145mm/9.33*7.87*5.7'' 
Folded size: approx. 230*140*35mm/9.05*5.51*1.37'' 
Net weight: approx. 456g 

11-Pieces-X-Style-Game-Disc-CD-DVD-Storage-Rack-Holder-Stand-for-PS4-PS3-for11-Pieces-X-Style-Game-Disc-CD-DVD-Storage-Rack-Holder-Stand-for-PS4-PS3-for (1)11-Pieces-X-Style-Game-Disc-CD-DVD-Storage-Rack-Holder-Stand-for-PS4-PS3-for (2)11-Pieces-X-Style-Game-Disc-CD-DVD-Storage-Rack-Holder-Stand-for-PS4-PS3-for (4)