Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2 Pcs
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Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2 Pcs

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Tempered glass film characteristics:

1. More scratch-resistant: 9H hardness, much better than the 3H hardness of ordinary film, super scratch-resistant, normal use can last for 3 years

2. Clearer: optical-grade light transmittance, ultra-low reflection, ultra-clear and high-transparent;

3. Anti-fingerprint: surface polymer anti-fingerprint treatment, fingerprint suppression is greatly improved compared with ordinary protective film (note: under current technical conditions, 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, tempered glass high-definition film can maximize the anti-fingerprint effect)

4. Explosion-proof cracking: Contains special colloids, which are the same as high-end automobile glass. Even if the glass is broken, it will still remain lumpy, so there is no need to worry about damage to the screen after the glass is cracked

5. Smooth touch: Eliminate the jerky touch of ordinary film, make the hand feel smoother, and touch more fluent

6. Sensitive response: Although the thickness is 3 times that of ordinary film, the touch response speed is even better when using it.

7. Arc edge design: 2.5D arc edge design is adopted, which makes the hand feel more comfortable when held and does not hurt your hands

8. Simple and easy to paste: fool-proof paste method, as long as the hole is aligned, the paste can automatically absorb and empty the air inside.

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