Suda Charging Cable RC-109TH - White
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Suda Charging Cable RC-109TH - White

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  • Advanced technology for charging, 3 in 1 cable, fulfilled your requirement for 3 different USB with 1 Cable,Sync charging. 
  • TPE is a kind of Rubber with High Elasticity , high Strength and Character of Plastic Injection Moldeling. As a New Material, It is Durable, Smooth-Touching, 60 A Ultra-Soft and Non-Toxic, Anti-aging and No Harm to Human Skin. 
  • Core with 118 High-Purity Copper Core, 2.1 A High Current, Soft and Good Conductivity, to Ensure Less Heat while Fast Charging. Enhance the Corrosion and Oxidation Resistance, to Extend the Cable Using Life. 
  • Length: 1 M