Street Fighter Chun Li
Street Fighter

Street Fighter Chun Li

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From the renowned graphic design house Panson Works! Your favorite Street Fighter 2 characters in chibi-style!
The case of 12 pieces contains the following characters (subject to change):





Reinterpreting the iconic characters of Street Fighter II into designer vinyl figures, the Panson Works style has taken these Sofubi figures, or rotocast soft vinyl toys, straight into the realm of cool.

Ryu comes with his—with trademark red headband.

Chun-Li is attired in her Qipao dress and braids.

Guile's haircut will make this toy stand out among your collection.

Sagat features his signature eyepatch and taped fists ready for combat.


These vinyl figures feature cutting-edge design and classic characters combined! Each figure contains limited articulation and measures between 4 to 5-inches tall.