Backbone One for iPhone PlayStation Edition

Backbone One for iPhone PlayStation Edition

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Product Description

Inspired by the look and feel of the PS DualSense™ wireless controller, the Backbone One gives users tactile controls to enhance their gaming experience on iPhone®. Pair with the PS Remote Play App and you can play your PlayStation® games anywhere* with ease. Simply plug your iPhone® into the Backbone One and start playing.


Collapsible and Compact Design

Low-latency Connection

Play Any Game That Supports Controller

Capture Game Clips and Screenshots

3.5mm Headphone Jack

Pass-Through Charging

Size & Weight

Height: 3.70 inches (93.9 mm)

Width (Contracted): 6.94 inches )176.2 mm)

Width (Extended): 10.14 inches (257.6 mm)

Depth: 1.28 inches (32.6 mm)

Weight: 4.87 ounces (138.0 g)

General Specs:

Lightning Port

Lighting port for pass_through charging of your phone with standard lightning cable

Headset Jack

3.5mm Headset Jack for Headset witch or without microphone

No Charging

backbone One does not have a battery. Backbone One uses minimal power from your phone for long gameplay sessions.


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iPhone 12

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