PS4 Metal Gear Survive (R-All)
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PS4 Metal Gear Survive (R-All)

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Genre: Action / Adventure
Language: English
Region: R-All
Number of Player/s: 1 Player


  • Two ways to play - Single Play and CO-OP Play. These modes are linked via Base Camp. Character progress and gear carries between the two modes.
  • Build and develop your Base Camp -  This offers access to weapon and gear crafting. As well as offering you a command centre for planning missions in Single Play and CO-OP Play.
  • Gather resources for use in crafting including blue prints and raw materials. These can be gathered in Single play by exploring the environment or won in successful CO-OP missions
  • Develop Base camp with new facilities to aid survival - including crop growing, animal rearing, food and water storage. As your camp develops you'll gain access to high grade crafting items.
  • Manage resources, including human essentials such as food and water as well as raw materials used for weapons, defences and expendables.



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