PS Vita Sorcery Saga Curse Of Great Curry God
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PS Vita Sorcery Saga Curse Of Great Curry God

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What would you do if a big chain curry restaurant opened up in town threatening to take over your family owned curry business? You’d pursue the legendary magical curry recipe, of course – which is exactly what protagonist Pupuru and her fuzzy sidekick Kuu get up to in Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. In order to save Smile Curry, the abovementioned characters’ favourite eatery, they must embark on a journey full of twists and turns in order to protect the popular bistro. Despite the bizarre plot, the dialogue and personalities encountered in this curious PlayStation Vita exclusive are often absolutely hilarious, and they help to maintain the silly flow of the narrative.

Typical of the roguelike sub-genre, much of the gameplay revolves around a tiled grid. Every action that you take as Papuru has an impact on the world around you, meaning that moving forward one block can result in enemies stepping closer to you. If you take damage, you can restore your HP by moving around – however, your accomplice Kuu will lose health with every step that you take. As a result, you must feed him items, which will not only restore his vitality, but also provide him with the experience to level up and utilise temporary stat buffs.