Dobe TNS-1719 Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch Stand
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Dobe TNS-1719 Cooling Fan for Nintendo Switch Stand

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Brand: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch Cooling Fan specially designed for keeping your Nintendo switch from over-heating to prolong its lifetime, a must need for any dedicated Nintendo Switch gamers
Built-in 3 cooling fans dissipate heat from your Nintendo Switch dock and keep it cook and calm while using, never worry about your beloved console being overheating and burning your table for long hours of game playing.
Turbo/Normal/Off three fan speed adjustable, you can freely switch the speed to your need, not more hot console for long hours gaming.
Very practicality and easy to use Nintendo Switch dock Cooling Fan, just mount it on the back of Switch dock and pluf the USB cable into the USB port on the Dock
  • Specially Designed - It is to lower temperature for the Nintendo Switch dock set quickly and effectively
  • Exquisite Details - There are three mini cooling fans inside the product , pefectly calming the Switch dock down.
  • Beautiful appearance - Make to pefectly fit for Nintedo Switch console.
  • Conveniently - It has the switches of ON and OFF, "Slow" and "Fast".

How to use:
1. Put the product on the N-switch original stand, then insert the USB power cable into the USB output interface of the stand.
2. Turn the power switch to the slow or fast gear, and the fan starts to work normally.